Doc. Dr. SABINA MARKELJ, uni.dipl. fiz.

RESEARCH – experimental atomic physics:

Fusion research: Plasma wall interaction

Ion beam methods / ion damaging

Interaction of hydrogen atoms and molecules with surfaces

Study of hydrogen atom interaction with materials for fusion:
i) Hydrogen depth profiling in materials by ion beam methods, where our main field of expertise is to follow processes on surface and under it in-situ and in real time
ii) Development of specific method for hydrogen vibrational spectroscopy applied for hydrogen surface reactions (recombination, desorption).
iii) Modelling of hydrogen adsorption, desorption and recombination on the surface.
iv) Spectroscopy of vibrationally excited hydrogen molecules - study of their production on surfaces and their interaction with materials

Scientific achievements:

i) Unique system for vibrational spectroscopy – obtaining experimental data of atom recombination on tungsten, important to benchmark theory
ii) First study of D retention in tungsten simultaneously damaged by high energy W ions and loaded by D

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Last updated: 06/06/2018