Medicine at microbeam

1. Quantification of wear particles in the bone tissue near hip prosthesis (Stražar et al., Nucl. Instr. Meth. B 249 (2006), 719.

Wear particles in the bone tissue

Figure 1: Ba concentration maps measured with the proton microbeam revealing the wear particles with the enhanced Ba concentration.

Identifying biological reasons for premature aseptic loosening of polyacetal stems presented a challenge to many researchers and up to now and have not yet been fully understood. Debris from the polyacetal coating was assumed to be a potential biological factor enhancing premature aseptic loosening of polyacetal stems.

Micro beam measurements clearly revealed individual polyacetal wear particles containing BaSO4 in the measured sample tissue. The comparison of the Ba/S concentrations measured from the two different wear particles confirms the same origin of these particles in the tissue.

2. Hypophysis tissue of the Hg-exposed person

PIXE spectrum of hypophysis tissue

Figure 2: PIXE spectrum measured at the hypophysis tissue of the miner working all his working period in mercury mine without any pathological symptoms. Measured Se and Hg concentrations of 90 ppm and 230 ppm, respectively, result in stoichiometry ratio of 1:1. Selenium most probably play a significant role in Hg toxicity deactivation ! In collaboration with I. Falnoga, JSI (upublished).

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