Synchrotron experiments

We perform(ed) experiments at synchrotrons ELETTRA (Trieste, Italy), ESRF (Grenoble, France), LURE (Orsay, France), BESSY (Berlin, Germany) and SRS (Daresbury, UK).

We collaborate(d) with:

  • dr. F. Penent, dr. P. Lablanquie, dr. L. Andrić, dr. J. Lambourne, dr. R. I. Hall (LCP-MR, Jussieu, Universite Pierre & Marie Curie),
  • dr. K. Prince, dr. M. Coreno, dr. M. DeSimone, dr. L. Avaldi, dr. R. Richter, dr. M. Alagia, dr. S. Stranges (Sincrotrone Trieste, CNR-IMIP, CNR-Laboratori TASC-INFM, Universita di Roma "La Sapienza")
  • prof. dr. J.Cl. Dousse, dr. J. Hoszowska, dr. J. Szlachetko, C. Wei (University of Fribourg)

Our recent projects:

  • Resonant Raman effect in the region of Xe L edge studied by high resolution x-ray spectroscopy - proposal 2004776, beamline XAFS @ ELETTRA.
  • Lifetimes of doubly excited He in the static electric field - proposal 2005256, beamline GasPhase @ ELETTRA.
  • Anomalous elastic scattering of X-ray photons near Ar K edge - proposal 2005635, beamline XAFS @ ELETTRA.
  • High resolution studies of the resonant Raman and anomalous elastic x-ray photons scattered from atoms and molecules - long term project 2006109, beamline XAFS @ ELETTRA.
  • High resolution x-ray Raman scattering: ID21 @ ESRF, April 07, September 07.
  • Observation and lifetime determination of helium parity forbidden doubly excited states in electric field (approved, beamtime @BESSY in October 07 canceled, waiting for April 08).
High resolution x-ray spectra

A sequence of high resolution x-ray spectra recorded in the region of Lα doublet for incoming photon energies passing over the L3 threshold in Xe.

Experimental set-up for RIXS at XAFS

Experimental set-up for RIXS at XAFS: 1: beamline monochromator, 2: ionization cell, 3: target, 4: crystal, 5: CCD camera

Contact person:

Dr. Klemen Bučar
Dr. Matjaž Kavčič
Dr. Matjaž Žitnik

Last updated: 01/22/2014