Experimental station for atomic spectroscopies of noble gases consists of a vacuum chamber shielded by mu-metal and an electron gun, gas needle, electron spectrometer and ion spectrometer inside. The working background pressure about 10-6 mbar is achieved by a 1500 L/s turbomolecular pump.

COIN scheme

Electron gun

The vertically mounted home made electron gun is capable of delivering electron beam with energy up to 2keV and 2 microA of constant current. The cross section of the beam is approximately 1x1mm. The beam is stopped by a multisectioned Faraday cup connected to a precise picoamperemeter. For timing measurements, the electron beam can be pulsed up to few MHz, providing short 10 ns bunches of electrons.

TOF chamber Time of flight

Electron spectrometer

Home made plan parallel electron spectrometer with relative maximum resolution of 0.002 is used for analysing scattered or emmited electrons. Usually, Auger electrons that are emitted after a creation of atomic inner hole are analysed. Currently, a hemispherical electron analyser is being tested instead of planparallel.

Ion time-of-flight spectrometer

Home made Wiley-McLaren type of time-of-flight spectrometer with variable length is used to determine the ion charge.


The experimental station is equiped with the following electronics:

  • VME crate with: IO-module, 16-counter-module, microprocessor board, time digitizer.
  • NIM crates with nuclear electronics: CFDs, coincidence units, amplifiers, power supplies
  • PC with VME connectivity,
  • instruments, connected to PC with GPIB and serial communications (multimeters, picoamperemeters, high voltage supplies).

Contact person:

Dr. Matjaž Žitnik
Dr. Klemen Bučar

Last updated: 01/22/2014