PIXE/RBS Experimental chamber

At Particle induced X-ray emission (PIXE) ions from low-energy accelerator are applied for irradiation of the samples. Protons with energy of a few MeV are normally used. The characteristic X-ray radiation produced is measured by semiconductor detector. In analysis of measured X-ray spectra the concentrations of the elements present in the sample are deduced.

PIXE shematics Shematics of PIXE chamber in Slovenian language

PIXE/RBS In the Laboratory PIXE is routinely applied for several interdisciplinary problems:

PIXE method is:

  • multielemental,
  • fast,
  • sensitive (ppm),
  • precise (< 5%),
  • and non destructive.

PIXE/RBS chamber is equipped with 2 Si(Li) X-ray detectors for soft (<10 keV) and hard X-ray spectrometry. The details can be seen from the schematic drawing above. At 170° from the beam direction the RBS detectors is mounted for measuring the backscattered light ions. This way the matrix of the sample material can be deduced.

Contact person:

Dr. Matjaž Žitnik

Last updated: 01/22/2014