Important Documents

Several documents have to be applied and respected in reactor operation:

  • Regulations and standards
  • Safety analysis report
  • Operation manuals
  • Operation procedures
  • Emergency operation procedures
  • Quality assurance manual and procedures
  • Technical documentation
  • Regulatory decrees

Among them, the Safety Analysis Report is the most comprehensive and covers all aspects related to nuclear safety, from siting to operation. It refers also all other relevant documentation. It is a public document, intended for technical specialists and general public.

Two versions of Safety Analysis Report for our reactor are provided:

  • Original Hazards Report, prepared by J. Stefan Institute, when the reactor was constructed in 1966. It is mainly interesting for historical reasons to see that nuclear safety principles have been respected at the design and construction phase of the reactor. 
  • Currently valid Safety Analysis Report (Revision 7, 2017 ), prepared by IJS team (and approved by Nuclear Safety Administration) after reconstruction of the reactor in 1991 (in Slovene).

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